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TurtleBeach PX21 Review

TurtleBeach PX21 Review

The video game industry is ceaselessly making an effort to enhance your gaming experience in several ways. Some add in motion controls, others add in 3D visuals.  The enhancements generally attempt to immerse the player into the world of gaming. Motion controls and 3D are significant steps to one day accomplishing that mission, however, physical interaction and visually immersive gameplay doesn’t quite complete the experience. In order to wholly immerse the player into the fictional world they stand in, they have to be able to hear what’s around them ranging from the roar of an explosion, to faintest whispers of the wind. That’s where the fine people at Turtle Beach step in.

Turtle Beach is widely known for making the top-tier Video Gaming headsets in the industry. It was only about a year ago that they released a new line of headsets exclusively for the PS3. The Turtle Beach P21s were decent, but disappointed gamers when compared to the popular X41s for the Xbox 360. A few months later they discontinued the P21s and substituted them with a new line called the PX21s and with that, a new costumer; yours truly.

The minute I received them in the mail it felt like it was Christmas. Once I opened up the packaging, they were immediately powered up and jacked into my PlayStation 3, but before I played I took a look at the product at hand. The Turtle Beach PX21s have a sleek black design with a silver rim on the ear cups. The ear cups are pretty big and fit my ears perfectly, however they feel very hollow which has me questioning the durability of the product. Thankfully, I’m not a violent gamer, so I won’t be tossing these around. The adjustable headband has cushioning and is labeled “R” and “L” with “Turtle Beach” on each side. The left side also has the palm tree Turtle Beach logo attached to the boom mic. The cord in which links the headsets to the console is long and has a control panel that allows user to adjust the volume, chat, and bass. There’s also a switch that says “Expander” with the options to turn it off or on, and an Xbox plug in.

The first thing I immediately noticed about the headset is that they were extremely light on my noggin. This was a terrific feeling. I’ve tried other headsets that weigh a ton on my head and when that happens, you just simply want to take the damn things off. The PX21s contradict just that. They are very light and feel great on my head. Additionally, they come packaged with exceptionally comfortable ear cushions that are very thick and fairly sized to fit anyone. Even my cousin with abnormally large ears was able to play with the headset, all the meanwhile feeling comfortable in them.  The headband is also customizable to fit anyone’s noggin with a simple pull or push of the headband. One of the things I love about the headset are the twistable ear cups that can be adjusted when you want to set them down after a serious gaming session. They can rest nicely on your neck, and can be effortlessly twisted back to be placed on your head. Little head, big head, your head, my head; the Turtle Beach PX21s will feel nice and comfy.

When I received my PX21s, my addictions at the time were Battlefield Bad Company 2 and MAG. I was completely blown away with the sound quality when playing these games. When I played the online multiplayer component of BF:BC2, I was able to hear the faintest sounds of rustling from nearby enemies. It was insane! The sounds of footsteps on wooden floors or the muffling sound of someone running on snow was heard from quite the distance in amazing quality.  They don’t support full surround sound, but if I was able to hear some jerk running at me at high speeds, ready to stab me in the back from quite a distance with enough reaction time to blow his topper off, then consider me sold. When playing MAG I was able to hear every cheap audio effect it had to offer. It was a disturbingly awesome experience being able to hear how piss-poor Zipper failed to give us any decent audio quality. They also have an expander option to broaden the range of audio. This will slightly mess with the sounds closer to you, but make it possible to hear sounds from a distance. The option is useful when trying to defend an area on the battlefield. Listening to in-game music is also a charm when using the PX21s. With the option to increase the bass, things will get boomin’ and will keep the Modern Warfare 2 party bumpin’. All in all, the headsets work beautifully at what they were intended for; bringing amazing audio quality to gamers.

The Turtle Beach PX21s enhance my trash talking as well. According to my online friends, the mic “sounds clear” and “nice.” I noticed that the mic doesn’t pick up any background noise, which I love. I have family members in my house who tend to yell at the Lakers when they fall behind the Celtics by a point. Hell, they even yell when the game is tied. With this in mind, I’m glad my online friends and enemies can’t hear the constant yells towards Kobe, and the insults to Paul Pierce.

The headset is compatible with Macs, PCs and the Xbox 360 as well. Whenever I’m not gaming, I have them jacked into my Macbook rocking iTunes. You can also find me using them for the GCN Live Webshows that we host every other Friday. They work perfectly! They’re certainly a must have when using my Macbook. Anywhere my Macbook goes, my PX21s follow. Anyhow, I have a lot of criticisms with the Xbox 360 support. Even with my first pair, the support on the Xbox 360 my biggest concern. For some reason, I can hear the game and talk, I can’t, however, hear people on the other end. In order for me to do so, I have to adjust the Xbox 360 cable in a certain position. I requested for a new cable from Turtle Beach and that didn’t do the trick either.  According to everyone else on the net, I’m not the only one with this problem. This should be a major wake up call for Turtle Beach to double check the 360 support. The problem occurred with both the headsets I received. Hopefully it wont end up being a problem for future customers. As the Turtle Beach website stated: these are designed for the PlayStation 3.

All in all, the Turtle Beach PX21s for the PlayStation 3 are a sensational product and one PS3 gamers shouldn’t do without. You must have a shattered brain not to want a pair! Who wouldn’t want to be sucked into the world they’re spending incalculable hours on? With unprecedented sound quality, the best comfort, and an over all great product, the Earforce PX21s by Turtle Beach get an A Rank.

The Turtle Beach PX21s receive an ‘A’ rank, and the ‘GCN product Approval.’

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