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Man Threatens To Blow Up Best Buy Over MW3

Man Threatens To Blow Up Best Buy Over MW3

Employees at a Best Buy located in Aurora, Colorado have reported to police that a customer had threatened to blow up the store over a issue cause on by the the game, CoD Modern Warfare 3. Lomon Sar, age 31, had said that he never intentionally meant it as a threat but had badly chosen those words out of anger. Prior to his arrival, he had pre-ordered the game over phone, claiming that he had put $108 on the CoD: MW3 Hardened Edition. Sar goes on to say that the employee had taken his credit-card information and had also written Sar’s name on the box of the game.

“The last store I called was the Best Buy by my house and they said okay, we have three copies, two are on reserve and one is here available,” said Lomon Sar. “She charged the card, it was $108… She put my name on the box.”

Upon arriving at the store for his purchased merchandise, he was told that they no longer had any copies left. He even had asked the employee about his information, he say’s that they had told him that they had no information on him whatsoever and that he was not even registered into their database.

“He says what’s your name and starts typing in my name and he couldn’t find anything. The manager deleted me off their system! Like, took me out of the system! Took all my information out of the system everything,” said Sar. “I put my hand up to my head and said look I’m so pissed right now I could blow this place up right now. That’s how mad I am!”

Not only threatening to blow up the Best Buy store out of anger, but to also gun down the employees as they walked out of work.

Sars was refunded by the Best Buy store his $108 but he also has been subjected to a criminal summons for a misdemeanor in disorderly conduct and trespassing.

“Investigating officers issued a criminal summons to a man who threatened to carry out his own version of modern warfare at the electronics store. Fortunately, this situation did not end in violence,” said Aurora Police Detective Bob Friel.

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