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Sony to release Killzone 3 free multiplayer download

Sony to release Killzone 3 free multiplayer download

According Sony’s Blogcast, Killzone 3′s multiplayer will be available to download for free on the PlayStation Store sometime in the future.

This will allow players to part-take in the Killzone 3 multiplayer experience for free. Although there is a catch. While the game’s multiplayer and maps will be made free for players, the rank and progression will be capped. We’re unsure of where player progression will be capped, but it will place restrictions on players.

The progression cap will keep players from ranking up, earning weapon unlocks, weapon mods, and other unlockables throughout the multiplayer. If players wish to lift the cap, they can do so by purchasing an online pass at the expense of $15.

So what we’re getting here is: Sony is releasing the multiplayer component as a standalone download that will be free to play, and pay to progress. Sounds fair though. This will certainly increase the traffic on Killzone’s severs, introduce new players, and all it’ll cost is a few gigs. Or megs. Whatever the memory price, it isn’t cash. We’re certain many are happy about that.

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