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E3 2012 Sony’s Press Conference Log

E3 2012 Sony’s Press Conference Log

Los Angeles, California – The second of the “big three” will attempt to astonish gamers with their vision of gaming’s future.

Today, we’ll be covering the Sony 2012 E3 Press Conference live from Los Angeles, California. The show will begin at 6:00pm.

6:00 – Lights are shutting off, so that must mean that the Sony Press conference will begin!

6:02 – In typical Sony fashion, they have a brief introductory video showing off games available throughout the PlayStation platform.

6:03 – Pretty exciting intro. Good music, exciting clips, and kick ass games. Typical Sony flashiness that we’ve all come to enjoy. This video is a bit longer than the one’s in previous years. I don’t mind.

6:05 – Jack Tretton is now up on stage, and as you’d come to expect, he’s ready to crack a few jokes and show his PlayStation pride. “This is the Superbowl for those of us who live and die in the gaming industry.”

6:06 – He talks about how E3 is a competition sarcastically claiming how “fun and relaxing it is to host this every year.”

6:07 – “We’re paying tribute to the true visionaries of the gaming industry: The Gamers” Insert loud applause.

6:08 – President and CEO of Sony, Kaz Hari, will now take the stage.  Jack Tretton tells him, “I love you, man.”

6:09 – Sony is about to show us a brand new game exclusively for the PlayStation. The guys over at Quantic Dream are about to hit the stage to announce this new IP.

6:10 – The new project is called, “Beyond: Two Souls” that will tell the story of what happens after death.

6:12 – Jodey Holmes (I will check my spelling on that name soon) will be played by Academy Award Nominee, Ellen Page.

6:13 – “Do you hear me? Do you understand me?” The game’s first scene is now being shown on the big screen. A cop is trying to talk to a girl, offers her coffee, but she stays quiet. “I found you on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Was it an accident? Did someone try to hurt you? Look, I want to help you. But you gotta give me something. Anything?”

6:14 – “How about a name? A contact?” The coffee mug begins to shake on the table. Suspense is being built up between the quiet girl and the cop. The mug gets flung across the wall as soon as the cop notices the girl’s scar.

6:15 – “I’m… going to go back to my desk…. to go check the missing persons report.” The cop walks out. “I know… they’re coming.” the girls says to herself.

6:16 –  SWAT breaks into the building. “Where is she?”

6:17 – SWAT opens the door… it’s completely quiet. And end scene. Now we’re watching a trailer of the girl escaping, running away from everyone. “BEYOND: TWO SOULS” ends the trailer. Applause. ”

6:18 – “Beyond will be unlike anything you’ve played. Emotion, mature, unique. But epic and exciting. And maybe if you make the right decisions, you may discover what lies beyond” David walks off stage.

6:19 – Jack Tretton is back. He boast about PlayStation’s history and consoles.

6:20 – “Michael” video is mentioned. What happened 30 minutes after that? They decided to fight.

6:21 –  A trailer for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is being shown up on screen. A group of people with multicolored shirts now enter the stage while rap music plays in the background. How exciting. Chan Park is on stage as well.

6:22 – PlayStation Battle Royale will be on the PlayStation Vita and cross compatible with PS3. On stage demonstration happening now. 4 players: 2 on PS3, 2 on Vita. Kratos, Sly, Sweet Tooth, and Fat princess on screen fighting.

6:23 – The fight is on Metropolis from Ratchet and Clank. A lot of ass kicking is going on. The cross compatibility seems to be working nicely.

6:24 – The hydra interrupts the match and become a hinderance for the player.

6:25 – The fight continues. Sweet Tooth has now transformed into Mega Tooth. He’s kickin’ ass. Four kills.

6:26 – Sly Cooper calls in his super, and takes out Sweet. 10 seconds left. Really competitive match! And the winner is: Fat Princess. Chan is inviting everyone to the booth. Two new characters will be announced right now. Uncharted theme plays… epic. Nathan Drake is coming to All Stars! And a loud roar occurs. “HEY MR. BUBBLES. HURRY,” whispers the Little Sister! Big Daddy coming to Playstation All Stars!

6:27 – Jack is on stage talking about cross platform play and cross platform saving.

6:28 – Cross controller for PSVita and PS3 for LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC. Allowing for new ways to create stuff, perspective, new story mode, costumes, stickers, and objects.

6:29 – PlayStation Network is now the topic of discussion. 80% of Vitas are online. 1,500 downloadable libraries.

6:30 – More than 200 games coming to PSN within the upcoming months. PlayStation Plus will add in 12 games starting tomorrow. Infamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Saints Row 2

6:31 – Sony is giving away a free one year voucher for PS Plus for those in the arena. The crowd is please. “Our way of saying thank you for being here tonight.”

6:32 – PSOne classics will come to Vita beginning this summer like Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy.

6:34 – Jack is now talking about the PSN video options like Amazon, Hulu, ann NHL GameCenter.

6:35 – Youtube is coming to Vita, including Hulu Plus and Crackle. Music Unlimited is now the topic of discussion.

6:36 – Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified has been announced for the Vita and will release this Holiday season.

6:37 – The speculated Assassin’s Creed game for the Vita is now being shown on screen. “Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation” First ever female assassin, open world, touch control, cross good between AC3, and much more.

6:38 – Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation will be available on October 30th, and will come bundled with a crystal ice white PSVita.

6:39: Assassin’s Creed 3 game directors are now on stage to show exclusive Assassin’s Creed 3 content. “Caribbean Sea” reads the corner of the trailer.

6:40 -We’re now in control of the captain of the ship. Connor is the captain in control of the ship with cannons and weapons at its disposal. Pirates of the Caribbean much?

6:41 – The ship is now battling an enemy ship. Cannons are firing back and fourth intensely. The game looks pretty awesome right now. BOOOM, go the cannons.

6:42 – A little FYI, the player is in control of the ship. This is amazing footage! One ship down! The crowd applauses. Or is that the game? I don’t know. Sounds good either way!

6:43 – The player’s ship is now ready to take over the enemy ship. Connor leaps and the trailer ends there. Crowd is happy. Very happy.

6:44 – Jack is back! Assassin’s Creed 3 PS3 hardware bundle announced with DLC included.

6:45 – “Exciting news regarding Far Cry 3″. Far Cry 3 will have four player co-op.

6:47:  The guy playing is slacking off! Everyone else is doing the work! The game looks great though!

6:48 – Lots of action going on right now. I can’t stress enough how fun this looks. The bridge goes BOOM and the demonstration is over. Far Cry 3, much like the previous installments, will have a map creator. Always a good thing!

6:50 – Jack is back and tells us that there will be DLC for PS3 players. Move is now the topic.

6:51 – LittleBigPlanet Karting and Sports Champions 2 will have Move. Group CEO, Andy House, is now on stage. he thanks PlayStation fans for their success.

6:52: A new trailer is being shown. It’s probably about a new book app for PS3. “Wonderbook” for PS3 announced.

6:53 – Wonderbook will use augmented reality to tell a story. Sony’s working with popular authors and publishers to produce stories for Wonderbook.

6:54 – JK Rowling is working with Sony to produce “Book of Spells”.

6:57 –  Book of Spells is being demonstrated. It’s basically interactive augmented reality.

6:50 – David invites people to check out the Book of Spells at their booth. Not much excitement in the room right now.

7:00 – Move your move controller around to create spells. Z shapes, circles, etc. This is a pretty lengthy demonstration…

7:03 – The demonstration looks to be over. Maybe. Yes, it is now over.

7:06 – They’re talking about PlayStation Suite on Smart Phones now. HTC is now a Sony partner for mobile gaming.

7:07 – PlayStation Suite is now renamed to PlayStation Mobile.

7:08 -God of War: Ascension is now being shown on stage.

7:09 – A younger Kratos enters the screen and is read to unleash a can of kick ass.

7:10 – Kratos beats down some enemies while on a pier. The game looks extremely fun, and it’s only been a few minutes.

7:11 – Button sequences are still relevant in God of War Ascension.

7:12 – Kratos has some new power telekinesis power. He fixes an elevator and moves up.

7:13 – A giant octopus like monster is now attacking Kratos. Not only that, an armored soldier is trying to rain down some hell.

7:15  - Some elephant like beast is contesting Kratos. And more than surely, it’s about to get beat down.

7:16 – Stab, stab, stab, Kratos beats it down,

7:17 – Octopus is back. Kratos dives into the ocean, and into it’s mouth. Presentation over.

7:18 – The stadium is now dark. The sound of flies, water, and birds chirping surround us. Breathing, panting, running, “THIS WAY!” yells a girl. The Last of Us is on screen. Gameplay footage time. Joe and Ellie are walking around. I hate to compare games, but it looks like an apocalyptic version of Uncharted.

7:20 – Joe and Ellie are now moving up a series of stairs. The building is flooded with water, creaks at every turn, broken windows, and birds chirping. Joe hears a group od guys talking, and tells Ellie to hide.

7:21 – Stealthily, Joe kills one of the guys by putting him in a headlock. Nathan Drake style. Curse words like crazy.

7:22 – From the looks of it, The Last of Us will run on a health system, not regeneration.

7:23 – Joe looks through his inventory and pulls out a Molotov. He tosses it at a guy, foes back to a room, and waits for the next poor soul. BOOM. He’s down. Someone else attacks him now, choking him. Jose is losing health, but Ellie jumps on the bastard, as Joe knocks him to the ground. He then points his shot gun at the dude’s mouth, and pulls the trigger. BAM. The crowd goes nuts as the Last of Us logo props up.

7:25 Jack is on stage, amazed by what he’s seen as well. Jack Tretton closes the conference with a goodbye, and “thank you”.

This concludes Sony’s E3 Press Conference! Stick around for post conference news and announcements!

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