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E3 2012 Nintendo’s Press Conference Log

E3 2012 Nintendo’s Press Conference Log

Los Angeles, California – It’s Nintendo’s turn to show us what they have in store for the Wii U and DS! Will Nintendo amaze you this year? Stick around!

We will be coving the Nintendo Press conference at 9:00am on Tuesday, June 5th.

8:59 – The Nintendo E3 Press Conference is about to begin!

8:59 – Shigeru Miyamoto walks out onto the stage.

9:00 – Today, I am here to talk about Pikmin,” he says. “Perhaps Pikmin around you!

9:01 – Miyamoto tells us how game machines have been connected to the TV, but have never been able to go beyond the TV itself. He explains that the Wii U will expand and go beyond the screen, “even if it’s small.” Miyamoto hold up a black Wii U GamePad. Someone can finally weigh himself or herself with the Wii U GamePad.

9:04 – Pikmin 3 is up on the screen! Miyamoto says that he definitely wanted to develop this title as soon as the Wii U concept was completed. Pikmin can find and use materials to build bridges.

9:06 – With the Wii U’s increased resolution, we’re able to see more Pikmin in far greater detail and clarity. Back Rock Pikmin can be tossed at enemies.

9:07 – Using MotionPlus, Rock Pikmin can be tossed for better precision.

9:08 – The Wii U GamePad can be used to touch the map, scroll the camera, and place Pikman in specified locations. The GamePad itself can be the main controller.

9:10 – One player can no control four leaders, simultaneously, using the GamePad. After the game has ended, you can watch a replay of your actions from above.

9:11 – Miyamoto breaks out a random red Pikmin from his pocket. People laugh a bit.

9:12 – “I just feel like a purple Pikmin” Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime is up on stage. Perhaps to kick ass and take names. “It’s all about the games,” he says. He’s going to show off 23 Wii U games up on stage today. I guess we can expect them in all sorts of forms. Videos?

9:14 – “Wii U changes your gaming, changes how you interact with your friends, and changes how you enjoy TV.” He mentions Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video. He’s not going to explain it right now.

9: 15 – Wii U will “elevate your living room.” is being mentioned for those who wish to gain more information about the Wii U and Nintendo’s future products.

9:16 – “Asymmetric gameplay is a new disruption,” Reggie says regarding multiple players playing but having different experiences.

9:17 – Wii U will support two separate gamepads. No demonstration.

9:18 – Reggie is pretty much going over what was talked about in the Pre-E3 video at the moment. The changes to the gamepad, the ABXY buttons positions, and trigger placements.

9:20 – Built in camera and microphone, stereo speaks, headphone jack, and volume control, which can now, apparently, control your TV volume as well.

9:21 – Now they’re moving onto MiiVerse. “Main Street: A place where people congregate.” “Simple” text messages can be sent or you can draw messages “a lot like a Swapnote.”

9:23 – Social networking will be implemented to phones and tablets. However, he claims, may not be available on lunch date.

9:24 – Super Mario Bros. U is being shown on stage now. Players will constantly be informed of messages, friend progression, and more on the game’s world map.

9:25 – Players’ friends and family can use MiiVerse to comment and view your achievements on the map.

9:27 – The game is being shown, Players can use the GamePad to help other players get around by placing blocks on the screen and other pathways.

9:30 – Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition has been confirmed for the Wii U.

9:31 – Martin Tremblay, president of WB, is on stage ready to present Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition. He claims it’s a “must-have, unique experience.”

9:33 – Players can set explosives by touching the screen, control batarangs, and move the camera in detective mode. A trailer for the game is now playing showing the above features. Batman has a new meter called B.A.T that can charge up, and can be activated with the touch screen, allowing him to deal more damage. The Batrang can be steered using the Wii GamePad. Touch screen for gadgets.

9:35 – Scribblenauts is being talked about. It sold more than four million units worldwide.

9:36 – Scribblenauts is coming to Wii U. The same concepts from the DS version apply here. You can create objects using the GamePad. Like a dog with four wheels instead of legs.

9:37 – Multiplayer confirmed. Get to know Maxwell a bit more. It’s for Wii U and 3DS.

9:38 – Trailer time! We’re seeing: Mass Effect 3, a tank game, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Tekken Tag 2.

9:40 – Fitness games will be made for Wii U. Surprise, surprise. Wii Fit U confirmed for Wii Fit. Games include trampoline mini games, Luge’ging, new events, new exercises, and a “Fitmeter”.

9:41 – Hey, this is crazy, but Call Me, Maybe? “Sing” is a new game being shown on stage. Awkward sing-along with Call me, Maybe. Let it be over, please!

9:43 – Scott Moffit is on stage talking about 3DS sales. Also known as stuff we don’t care about.

9:44 – New Super Mario Bros 2 on stage right now for the 3DS. “It’s all about the Gold! Even Mario himself!” Raccoon tail Mario, block helmets that spit out coins. You know, Mario stuff. Game will be available August 19th in the US.

9:45 – Paper Mario! “Paper Mario Sticker Star” is being shown on stage. Both games will be available to download. You can also purchase a hardcopy. And now, Luigi’s Mansion 2. “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon” on 3DS.

9:46:  3rd party line-up: Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, Mirror of Fate, Disney’s Epic Mickey, Scribblenauts, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

9:47 – Reggie is now back on stage talking about Lego City for Wii U. There’s a trailer pm stage playing right now of the new game. We see a Lego character jumping around and a kid using the Wii U GamePad as a map, and X-Ray scanner.

9:48 – For a Lego game, this looks pretty interesting. Loved Lego Star Wars, and this game seems to be amplify the Lego series. Lots of charming humor and comedy that you’d come to expect from Lego.

9:49 – Reggie confirms a new, portable, version of Lego City.

9:50 – Ubisoft’s Yves is going up on stage to talk about some games for Wii U.

9:51 – He’s on. “What do you think about Wii U?” Asks Reggie. Yves tells Reggie that it’s “accessible, social, and innovative.”

9:52 – “Wow! Thank you, those are fantastic words,” says Reggie.

9:53 – They’re now on stage showing off Just Dance 4. Moves Like McJagger is playing on stage while four dancers play the game.

9:54 – “How do you like being the puppet master!?” “I love being the puppet master,” replies Reggie.

9:55 – Zombi U is being shown. You can use the GamePad to scan locations, as a sniper, as a way to “break free”, and door hacker. The crowd seems happy about this game. The trailer was quite, however.

9:56 – You can take a picture of yourself with the GamePad and “Zombify” yourself. Reggie is getting a kick out of it, “I. LIKE. FRENCH FOOD.” “I’m hungry now! I’m going to eat you!” says Reggie in a zombie-esque voice.

9:57 – A trailer of Ubisoft’s Wii U line up is being shown on stage. Many of these are the same games from yesterday’s Ubisoft conference.

9:58 – A small video of Nintendo access is now playing. Go to Nintendo Access to get exclusive news, and E3 information straight from Nintendo.

9:59 – Nintendo Land is on stage. “What if

10:00 – Katsuya Eguchi is now on stage to present Nintendo Land.

1001 – Nintendo is essentially a theme park built up of Nintendo’s most popular IPs. Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Luigi’s Mansion, and Animal Crossing are a few available. Mini games, and discoverables available throughout the theme park.

10:02 – First two objectives: “First, what kind of new multiplayer experience will be possible when one person with a gamepad joins two people with Wii remotes?” “Clearly one person with a game pad takes on a unique role.”

10:04: Luigi’s Ghost Mansion is being shown. The Ghost player is the GamePad user, and the Wiimote players are the human players. The GamePad player can see the humans, the Wiimote players can’t. Cooperation is essential between the humans.

10:06 – More of the game is being shown. Ghost Vs. Humans.

1008: A demonstration of Nintendo Land is being shown. It’s a giant theme park filled with all of Nintendo’s most popular IPs. The theme park has this dream-like presentation.

10:09 – Reggie is back and announces that Nintendo Land will launch on the same day as the Wii U. He tells those at home to check Facebook, Twitter, and for more information.

10:10 – He’s talking about the Wii U promise: “Together, better. And with that, thank you. We hope E3 is great for you.”

10:12 – “And let’s finish with that theme park that is Nintendo Land.” Virtual firework display. And end.

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