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PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale confirmed for the Vita with two new characters to its roster

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale confirmed for the Vita with two new characters to its roster

Los Angeles, California – SuperBot’s latest addition to the Sony library will have all of PlayStation’s most memorable heroes and villains get together for some tea, and fight to the death afterwards. After it’s recent reveal, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has become the talk of the gaming industry in both negative and positive respects.

At the press conference, Jack Tretton referenced the “Michael” video that was posted last year. “What happened 30 minutes after that? They decided to fight,” said Tretton with a smile on his face. Seconds later, four people in multicolored shirts came out on stage, as well as SuperBot’s Chan Park.

Excitingly, Chan told the audience of his experience developing the title and how fans desired to have Battle Royale on the PlayStation Vita. To his delight, Chan confirmed that PlayStation All Star: Battle Royale will be releasing on the PlayStation Vita with cross-platform play compatibility. On stage, Chan had four players ready to duke it out: two using Dualshock controller, and two using the PlayStation Vita.

To our surprise, the Vita-PlayStation 3 cross platform play seemed to work out nicely. The game played swiftly, and without fail, as Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, Sly, and Kratos fought on the big screen.

As Chan left the stage, he told us two new characters would be confirmed in a few seconds. A video on screen then played the signature Nathan Drake theme song, exciting  the audience in the process, as Nathan Drake’s appearance was confirmed in Battle Royale. Everything went silent. A massive creaking roar was then heard throughout the stadium. “Hey, Mr. Bubbles…hurry.” whispers the Little Sister, confirming Big Daddy’s arrival to the fight.




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