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Battlefield 3 Premium details

Battlefield 3 Premium details

Los Angeles, California – Among one of the many announcements made at EA’s E3 press conference was the confirmed speculation of Battlefield 3′s premium service.

The service will grant players access to all five expansions for $50. That’s a $75 value when purchased separately. However, more details have come in since then. The expansions will include two week earlier access to all the following maps and in-game perks:

  • Back to Karkand: (four maps, ten weapons, and three vehicles total) Bringing back classic maps from previous Battlefield installments, fans will battle it out on maps like Wake Island and Strike at Karkand.
  • Close Quarters: (four maps, ten new weapons total) 100m range maps will bring the combat closer than ever as soldiers fight in buildings, corridors, and rooms. Close Quarters includes close range maps like Daytona Fortress and Ziba Tower.
  • Armored Kill: (four new maps, new game mode, and new vehicles with 20+ unlocks) Armored kill introduces players to the biggest maps in Battlefield history. These maps are compatible with all current modes, including a new mode featured in the expansion.
  • Aftermath: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Battlefield 3 premium will also feature premium in-game items like:

  • Unique in-game knife
  • Unique in-game dogtags
  • 10+ soldier camos
  • Unique weapon camos
  • 5+ unique assignments
  • Exclusive double XP events
  • Exclusive videos
  • Strategy guides
  • Server queue priority

Premium BattleLog features include:

  • Stats reset feature
  • Save five of your Battle Reports
  • Increased platoon emblem layers
  • 10+ unique Platoon emblem decals

Battlefield 3 premium is now available for all platforms.

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