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PS3 Parody

PS3 – It Only Does Identity Theft

YouTube user rickymachinima made this short but sweet video about the current PSN situation.

Red Johnsons Chronicles

Red Johnson’s Chronicles hits the PSN

Lexis Numérique, one of the biggest independent game design studios in Europe, proudly announces the release of Red Johnson’s...

Tomb Raider Trilogy

Tomb Raider Trilogy (PS3) Review

Almost every gamer is familiar with the Tomb Raider series. If you haven't played any of the past few Tomb Raider games, here's your

Red Faction Battlegrounds

Red Faction: Battlegrounds now available on Xbox Live and PSN

THQ Inc. announced today that Red Faction: Battlegrounds is now available for purchase on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3...


AMY comes to the PlayStation Network this June

Lexis Numérique, one of the biggest independent game design studios in Europe, today revealed new details about the storyline of AMY,...


Stacking DLC “The Lost Hobo King” hits Xbox 360 and PS3

The Lost Hobo King Extends the Magic of Stacking With New Characters and an All-New Storyline with a Double Fine Twist THQ Inc today...


Skullgirls Tag-Teams with GGPO to K.O. Online Lag

Autumn Games incorporates networking technology into its upcoming 2D console fighter Get ready for the future of online play in console...


Mortal Kombat – Gone Gold Media Alert

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios today announce that Mortal Kombat has officially gone gold on the...